A downloadable Ambient gaming Audio

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Plate Mail Games creates high quality professional background loops and adventuring hook PDFs  for your tabletop RPGs. The goal is to enhance your tabletop gaming experience with ambient soundscapes and great plot hooks. 


Buy Now$30.00 USD or more

In order to download this Ambient gaming Audio you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $30 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Dungeon of Madness.mp3 23 MB
Spirit Well.mp3 22 MB
Treasure Room.mp3 23 MB
Below the City.mp3 23 MB
Creature Cavern.mp3 23 MB
Dragon's Cavern.mp3 23 MB
Dark Elf Cavern.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Depths 1.mp3 22 MB
Dungeon Depths 2.mp3 22 MB
Dungeon Realm 1 Remix.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Realm 2.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Realm 3.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Realm 4.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Realm 5.mp3 23 MB
Dungeon Realms 1.mp3 23 MB
Dwarven City.mp3 23 MB
Enchanted Vault.mp3 22 MB
Goblin Hole.mp3 23 MB
Hell's Crypt.mp3 23 MB
Ice Cave.mp3 23 MB
King's Dungeon.mp3 23 MB
Lizard Men Lair.mp3 23 MB
Lich's Tomb.mp3 23 MB
Mineshaft Collapse.mp3 23 MB
Medieval City_ Sewers.mp3 23 MB
Minotaur's Maze.mp3 23 MB
Monster Sewer.mp3 23 MB
Pharaoh Tomb 2.mp3 23 MB
Mudmen's Cave.mp3 23 MB
Pharaoh's Tomb.mp3 23 MB
Rat Lair.mp3 22 MB
Subterranean World 2.mp3 23 MB

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